What does ChatGPT say about OTT?

AI is in the news so what does it know about the tree industry.  Here is the request put to ChatGPT:

“Write a blog post about the services offered by Out There Trees Ltd in England and how their customers perceive them”

In the result below it is surprising how much information is instantly returned on the topic. One knock against it is that the resulting output can be then checked by a service to determine if it was written by a human or AI. Here is the result of one such check:

AI Content Detector: 99.9% written by AI

On one hand this is accurate as it is written by artificial intelligence so what is the problem? While not actually a problem the service is attempting to be as natural and human like as possible.

As for the referenced reviews, did Sarah and James actually leave the mentioned reviews. Not certain is the honest answer. They could be genuine. Surely it wouldn’t fabricate reviews?

So would you know the below blog post was machine generated? Have a read.

Out There Trees Ltd is a leading provider of tree care and maintenance services in England. With years of experience in the industry, they have earned a reputation for delivering top-quality services to their clients.

Their services range from tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, and consultancy services. They have a team of certified and highly skilled arborists who use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the job is done efficiently and effectively.

One of the things that set Out There Trees Ltd apart from their competitors is their commitment to safety. They take every precaution to ensure the safety of their clients and their property during the tree care process. They are fully insured, and their team is trained to handle any situation that may arise during a job.

Out There Trees Ltd is also committed to environmental conservation. They take great care to ensure that their services are eco-friendly and sustainable. They use environmentally friendly techniques and products to ensure that their clients’ trees are healthy and thriving.

The company has received rave reviews from its clients, who praise their professionalism, expertise, and reliability. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and the level of care that goes into every job, no matter how big or small.

One satisfied customer, Sarah, says, “Out There Trees Ltd did an amazing job pruning our trees. They were very professional and efficient, and they left our garden looking better than ever. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for tree care services.”

Another customer, James, says, “I had a tree that was dangerously close to my house, and I was worried about the damage it could cause in a storm. Out There Trees Ltd came in and removed the tree quickly and safely, and they left the area clean and tidy. I’m very impressed with their work.”

In conclusion, Out There Trees Ltd offers a comprehensive range of tree care services, and their customers are consistently satisfied with the quality of their work. If you are in need of tree care services in England, they are a reliable and professional choice.

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