Stump Grinding

Following removal of a tree or hedge you will be left with a stump close to ground level. If you are looking to replant in this area or just want a tidier finish you may want to grind the stump down to below ground level.

We have four machines that we can use to do this, a large remote controlled self-driven machine, two smaller self driven machines and a smaller, manual machine for narrower access.

We generally grind the stump to around 20cm below ground level unless we have been instructed otherwise. Stump grinding creates a fine sawdust and this material is then used to infill the hole left (unless instructed otherwise).

There are limitations for the machines though –

  • We require access of at least 29”/74cm wide for a smallest machine and 35”/89cm for our larger machine.
  • The machines do not cope well with very steep slopes, large steps or level changes, or raised beds however we always carry out a site visit before carrying out any work so we would be happy to take a look and advise you on what is possible. Contact Us if you require a quotation or advise.
Stump Grinding Surrey