We can supply, deliver and plant various species and sizes of trees and hedging plants to your requirements, sourced from a range of wholesale suppliers whom we have dealt with for many years and built an excellent working relationship with.

We can install various staking systems including standard wooden stakes with ties though to state of the art underground tree anchoring systems. We can also supply and install irrigation systems to ensure your new trees and hedges are kept as healthy as possible.

We will also advise on the best aftercare for your needs.

The planting season is generally October to March when the trees are dormant and the weather is more favourable.

You may be required to replant as part of a TPO condition or feel, as we do, that it is best practice to replant a tree once one has been removed, where possible.

Do contact us to discuss your planting needs.

To read about other ways in which we strive to be a more sustainable business see here.