As with tree surgery, hedge work involves various techniques and options-

Formative Pruning
New hedges will require what is known as formative pruning for the first few years after planting, usually in the spring or winter.

Maintenance Pruning
An established hedge will require maintenance pruning once a year (or 2-3 times for formal hedges). This is usually carried out in Spring and Summer although different species have different requirements. You may want to prune the height (top) the faces (long sides) and the sides (short sides).

Hedge Renovation
If left for too long hedges can quickly become overgrown and difficult to maintain. Many deciduous species of hedging plant will respond well to renovation and can be cut by up to 50% in one go. For these species this is best done in Spring or Winter. For very drastic renovation this ought to be staged over 2-3 years. Most Conifer species do not respond well to heavy pruning as they will not reshoot easily and in cases of poorly maintained hedges renovation may require removal and replanting of certain plants.

Hedge Planting
The planting season is generally October to March when the plants are dormant and the weather is more favourable. We can source, deliver and plant many different species of hedging including individual plants to plug gaps in mature hedges to entire lengths of brand new hedges. We can even supply ‘instant hedging’ where sections of hedge have been grown in troughs and slot together like a jigsaw. We can also supply and install irrigation systems to ensure your new trees and hedges are kept as healthy as possible.

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Hedge Trimming in Surrey