Air Spading

The Air Spade is a machine that uses pressurised, compressed air to essentially ‘dig’ like a spade but without damaging anything in the process. It disperses the soil in a non-invasive manner which makes it very useful for an arborist.

See what we use the Air Spade for:

Tree Root Excavation
Conventional digging may damage the roots and destabilise the tree when excavating so the Air Spade is very useful for inspecting the roots of a tree without damaging them and for locating and investigating underground services that may be located nearby or within the root system of a tree.

Soil Aeration
The technique of soil dispersal to create narrow trenches in a radial manner creating a ‘sunshine pattern’ which is then infilled with nutrient rich soil has proven an excellent method for soil aeration allowing more water and air to the root system of a tree and prolonging the health and life of the tree.

For trees located in high traffic areas (whether foot or vehicle) the soil around the tree can become very compacted which will affect the drainage and in turn affects amount of water and air available to the root system. Using the Air Spade we are able to inject air into the soil, recompacting it, and then mulch the area to improve the conditions for the tree without damaging the root system.

If you have any questions about the Air Spade, please do give us a call.

Air Spading Services in Surrey