Stump Grinding Process

Once a tree has been removed stump grinding is a method of removing the remaining stump. Small trees or sapling stumps may be dug out by hand where this is not possible on larger more mature stumps.

Why grind out a stump

  • Suckers of new growth may appear from the trunk and roots if not treated or removed. Even when completely dead stumps can host harmful fungus.
  • Turfing over the area
  • Install a new patio, decking or structure
  • Remove a trip hazard


OTT has 3x in house stump grinders

Small pedestrian grinder on wheels

Medium Bandit grinder on tracks

Large Carlton grinder on tracks

Out There Trees Stump Grinding

Access limitations usually dictate which stump grinder we use.

OTT also retain track boards in house to protect the lawn (not always required in dry weather) as the stump grinders are heavy and may otherwise leave track marks on a lawn or porous hard surfaces.

The Grinding Process

A rotating cutting disc turns the wood of the stump into fine mulch grindings. The rotating head slowly passes over the stump several times until all the stump is eradicated to at least a depth of 20cm below the surface.

Where a stump has grown around a wall, fence or other structure it may not be possible to grind out the entire stump. The rotating cutting disc of the stump grinder must be able to move free of obstruction. This includes metal bars and cables or pipes.

The End Product

Once a stump is ground out the sawdust like grindings that remain are used to fill the remaining cavity. These grinding left in situ may be used as mulch around the garden. If replanting it is best to fill the void with topsoil as stump grindings do not contain sufficient nutrients to support new growth.


Where access is not possible we can Ecoplug a stump to prevent regrowth. These plugs contain weedkiller for a safe method to prevent re-growth from stumps or roots. These are most effective on recently cut stumps at preventing sprouting suckers from appearing. They are also effective on protruding buttress roots. The weedkiller does not build up in the surrounding soil. These plugs will not remove the stump but will accelerate natural rot. There is no risk to children or animals in the area.

For more information please contact us and see our stump grinding page on our website


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