Out There Trees is Arb Approved

In 2023 Out There Trees was certified as an Arb Approved Contractor by the Arboricultural Association.

What is the Arb Association Approved Contractor Scheme?

Setup nearly 40 years ago here is more about the scheme in the words of the Arboricultural Association themselves,

“The ARB Approved Contractor scheme offers a recognised benchmark for arboricultural contracting throughout the UK and Ireland and is increasingly required by Local Authorities and other large commercial organisations. ARB Approved Contractor is also of benefit in the domestic sector as a quality mark assuring the client of good quality tree care undertaken safely and efficiently.”

The Arb Association maintain a directory of approved contractors (and separately a directory of approved consultants) which you may use to find an approved contractor in your area. Here is the Out There Trees directory listing:

What Accreditation Means

Demonstrated knowledge, quality and safe practice in all aspects of our tree work. And it is not simply a one-off inspection but rather interim assessments + a full reassessment cycle every 4 years.

Four major areas are reviewed in detail, including site visits and visits to our working yard.

1. Worksite

  • Paperwork, personnel, PPE, first aid, tools, climbing + ground based operations, vehicles
  • All equipment safety certification current and up to date


2. Work quality + arboricultural knowledge

  • Planting, crown lifting, crown reduction, crown thinning, deadwood incl. inspections of work
  • Demonstrated arboricultural competence


3. Customer care + office procedures

  • Quoting, contracting, invoicing, Ts&Cs, customer satisfaction
  • Insurance + licences
  • Wildlife + ecology, environmental policies


4. Health & Safety management

  • Policies, monitoring, review
  • Working at height, lifting equipment, first aid, PPE, fire safety, etc.
  • Training: qualifications + training records for entire staff (incl. future training plans)
  • Spill control, oil storage, equipment servicing
  • Yard setup


Why it Matters to You as a Customer

The scheme covers so many aspects of tree work including what you see and care about as a customer leading up to a job, the job itself and after care. It also ensures things you are unlikely to see behind the scenes are being handled properly: in the office and at our yard which are very important for the environment, ecology and biosecurity.

These aspects of our work are verified for you

  • all personnel on-site have the appropriate training for the tasks they will be carrying out
  • all equipment and machinery has an up to date safety inspection
  • our insurance is appropriate and adequate
  • our work is carried out to British standard BS3998: 2010
  • we honour council tree preservation orders (TPOs) and observe conservation areas
  • all arisings from the job will be processed in an appropriate manner
  • our invoicing and customer after care is well established
  • our commitment to various bodies is honoured: Arb Approved, Safe Contractor, Trustmark, and Trading Standards


In conjunction with accreditation here is a handy guide the Arb Association has for selecting a tree surgeon.

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